We take pride in more than just the quality of our homes but also in the service we offer our clients. We believe that is one of the many reasons Meister Construction Ltd. stands out.


Initial Consultation


We set two major goals for an initial consultation:

  1. To get to know your project by hearing your ideas, needs, scope and budget parameters. Once we understand your vision we can help direct you to your next steps in the building process and answer any questions that might come up during or after the meeting, we are here to help!

  2. To get to know each other to better determine if we would be the right fit for your project; we take great pride in the projects that we take on - large or small - and we want you to understand that we hold ourselves to a high level of quality, attention to detail, integrity, and attentive service.

We look forward to meeting you in person.


Design & Pre-Construction


During the pre-construction phase of your project, we will assist you in the development of your plans if you do not have them, or if you do, we will get right to work on preparing an in-depth estimate based on the information and drawings provided.  We have worked with many architects and designers ranging in various styles, we would be pleased to direct you to meet, if desired. 

At this stage, if you feel pleased with the prospects of working together, we would then establish a contract, move ahead with obtaining permits, and begin coordinating the necessary steps to begin your project.  All of this advanced planning sets you up for an enjoyable streamlined experience free of surprises and minimizing changes - saving both time and money.  



We have a hands on approach to building, meaning that during the construction phase of your project our team is on site fully engaged in the project, easily available to assist with choices, change requests, questions or walkthroughs. This level of engagement allows us a great level of flexibility to make changes as they come up.

Through our many years of building experience and a carefully chosen group of subcontractors and suppliers, we are able to ensure that our high standards of workmanship and service are maintained from start to finish. We seek to bring improved value to our clients through research and use of new materials, products and processes that improve the quality, while reducing costs and project time.  

Safety is crucial in our work, therefore you can expect a clean and organized job site with a respectful crew who understand site safety resulting in increased efficiency and a more enjoyable building experience.

We have walked through projects that look good on the surface, but underneath the visible surface is poor-quality material and workmanship that will inevitably reveal itself and leave you disappointed in your investment. By not cutting corners on the foundational part of your home, it ensures structural soundness that will last enabling a more exacting effect in the finishing stages.

We take great satisfaction in our accomplishments and build on them everyday.