The Kitchen Backsplash

One of the top trends this year for modernizing your kitchen is to add a tiled backsplash. We are seeing a shift this year from the all white kitchen trend towards more natural materials, brass accessories, monochrome minimalism and patterned backsplashes.  

With everything being streamlined and clean looking people are looking to add a bit of excitement to their kitchens. By adding a tiled backsplash you can achieve that wow factoryou may be looking for.  Of all the elements in your kitchen, backsplash are fairly affordable to replace, so you can safely dare to get creative knowing that if you grow tired of the look you can change it in a few years.  

Patterned Tiles or Mosaics

Look for tiles with interesting patterns, colours, or exotic designs, keep the rest of the kitchen minimalistic. With companies like Bisazza, mosaics are becoming more and more popular for backsplash as they are easy to maintain and you can choose from a stunning array of patterns and colours.  The only downfall to tiles is cleaning and maintaining the grout.


Subway Tiles

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Subway tiles have also been very popular this past year, with their clean, sophisticated look.  They also add dimension and texture to your kitchen. Subway tiles are available in many colours from neutrals to bright hues, and some with a mirror finish, you can find one that suits your home and the look you are trying to accomplish.


Another way to add colour to your kitchen is by adding a glass backsplash.  The use of glass splash backs will always be popular due to the versatility in colour,the ease of cleaning, the cost and aesthetics.  You can have your local glass company cut and paint tempered glass to fit the space you have in any colour.  Monochrome glass backsplash are trending right now, but you can also customize your own with photo imagery or graphics of your liking. Another reason by glass is popular is because it is easy to with any household glass cleaner.  

Granite and Marble

Getting back to the more natural look people are loving now, granite offers that warm earthy feel that is trending.  If you have granite countertops you can create a seamless look by adding it as a backsplash.  Granite is durable, however with all natural stones it must be resealed 1 to 2 times a year to maintain its protective properties.  Marble also looks beautiful in slab form and is generally a low-maintenance material, however it should be sealed as it is porous will absorb grease and dirt if not properly treated.