Bathroom Trends

The Bathroom - Your Homes Sanctuary


The bathroom can be a sanctuary in our homes, sometimes the only place to escape the non-stop notifications on your phone, take a break from your never-ending demands of daily life, the one place most people should respectively leave you alone.  So why wouldnt you want to put as much care and love into designing your bathroom as you would any other room in your home.  

Here are some design trends we are seeing in bathrooms this year to help create that relaxing space we all are looking for in our busy lives.  


Home Spa

More and more people are investing in creating their own spa like escapes in their own homes.  Designers and architects are adding features like steam shower rooms, saunas, whirlpool baths and hot tubs into their designs knowing that people are looking for that space to relax and meditate.


Living Walls

You may have noticed these living walls around in public spaces, kitchens, restaurants, spas, and now some bold designers are bringing them into the bathroom.  Not only do they improve air quality, but they are breathtaking, vibrant, and bring life to the room.  The main concern people have is watering them, but there are watering systems that automatically water based on time or level of moisture in the soil.  


Custom Built Open Walk-In & Frameless Showers

People are looking for something different, individual, and unique and having an open walk in shower is definitely that.  With a large monsoon-like over head shower this space is sure to impress.  What is also popular right now are frameless showers.  Minimalist and sleek they cut back on all the frills using only what is necessary to maintain its structural integrity.  Chrome brackets, heavy glass panels, sturdy handles, and water tight design will create that classy look that will be on trend for several years to come.

Natural Materials

A trend that is popular throughout the home is using natural materials to give your home a warm and rustic feel.  These materials are generally timeless and will last a long time.  If you are renovating you may look to see if there are natural aged beams in the ceiling which have the potential to be uncovered and treated.  Rich toned wood flooring will warm the look and feel of your bathroom.  Natural slate, stone and other earthy textures are all viable options and so you are likely to find a natural option that will work with your design.  Driftwood is also becoming more popular in furniture design and in decorative features.



Copper and brass are making a comeback, as we move from the stainless steel look to warmer tones.  Copper light fixtures, faucets, sinks and other accessories are popping up giving an old world charm feel to the space.


Mosaic Patterns

Patterned tiles are showing up in kitchens and bathrooms in 2014.  It is a way to get creative and put your own stamp on things.  If you have vintage looking features, such as a claw foot bathtub, try and keep to traditional patterns if you want a more timeless look.  Or you can create a very modern look and feel with bold and bright tiles which will give your bathroom a vibrant edge.  Whatever your taste and look you are going for, you can find tiles and a pattern to go with your design.