Top 10 gifts for your home

This year we would like to suggest a few ingenious items that will make gift giving a blast thisseason. Give your friends and family gifts they will love, use and cherish.

Are your friends avid cooks?

They will love Joseph Joseph. Their range of nesting implements are incredibly space saving and come in a wide range of colours to make their kitchen a little more fun. Or if that’s not their style, the collection also comes in stainless steel.

Another great kitchen addition is a spaghetti measurer

Not often bought for yourself, it is a useful addition to any kitchen. They also come in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes adding an additional flair to the implement.


Why not give slate boards?

They are beautiful, versatile and can be used to identify what’s on it. Slate is a wonderfully tactile way of displaying food and would be a welcome addition to any cubboard.


Give easy-to-care-for plants

Many people love having plants in their home, but are incredibly inept at keeping them alive.

Air plants get their nutrients right from the air around them and are almost miraculous in their ability to stay alive. Give your family and friends plants that they can love with an elegant globe housing an airplant.


Add some inspiration to their cooking


Give your loved ones the gift of dinner decisions. A set of die that will suggest a course of action for dinner, making choosing what to cook a doddle.


Cunning Hidey Hole

Everyone needs a space to hide safe keys, emergency cash and other valuables that need to be readily available. Why not give them a cunning space to put these necessary trinkets. A hollow book would be the ideal place for these things.


Get to know the neighbourhood


Give a map to the new neighbourhood with a handy set of map coasters.


Prevent them from ever losing their keys again

With these magnetic key holders, your loved ones will never again have to search for their keys.


Help free up some space

Give a storage carousel to help keep their cupboards neat and tidy.


For the avid whisky drinker

For those of you with loved ones who are partial to a nip of whiskey, whiskey rocks provide a neat gift.

Meister Construction would like to wish you and your families a wonderful festive season.